Meet Illumetry IO — true to life XR right on your desk

Illumetry IO introduces a new holographic display for extended reality like no other.
From education to entertainment, XR revolutionizes the world’s largest industries and we help this transformation with our solution.

As responsive as reality itself

Illumetry IO features a holographic display that allows you to examine a hologram from all sides like a real object. The stability of virtual content is guaranteed, even when you make sudden movements.

Seamless transition from real to virtual

Using Illumetry IO feels intuitively familiar and doesn’t shut you out of the real world. The holographic display lets you explore virtual content, while still maintaining contact with people around you.

Light and powerful

Easily connect the lightweight and wireless Illumetry glasses to a PC and explore virtual content in the highest level of detail. Enjoy the quality of powerful GPUs with comfortable glasses you don’t get tired from.

Comfortable for everyone

Illumetry 3D glasses are made for a barely-there feel. Lightweight and secure, they fit both kids and adults just right, and can be worn for an extended amount of time without any discomfort.


Illumetry IO is developer-oriented at its core. It integrates with any common 3D-engine, such as Unity3D and Unreal Engine, making it easy for you to create your own interactive content.

Developer Zone

Illumetry IO can help spread your VR/AR content to new industries and markets.

Get our SDK, documentation and guidelines for developing and porting your content to our platform.
If distributing innovation is your business, Illumetry IO is a great choice.

Reach out to us and be the first to bring the unique XR solution to your country or market!

Reseller Zone

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