Antilatency introduces Illumetry IO.
XR display based on MotionParallax3D principle

Antilatency, the company behind the real-time positional tracking system, launches the XR produсt line Illumetry based on MotionParallax3D principle. Nowadays the company has released the first product of the line — Illumetry IO, a MotionParallax3D display for extended reality experience.

What is Motion Parallax 3D

The principle of MotionParallax3D enables the creation of an illusion of volumetric objects on a flat surface that appear three-dimensional from any angle.

The general principle of making a projection with MotionParallax3D displays
The image of the object the user sees
The projection of a virtual object displayed on the screen
The stable illusion of a virtual hologram is achieved by continually updating the projection according to the user's point of view. As a user is usually two-eyed, two images are rendered on the sсreen, according to the positioning data of each eye.

The concept of Motion Parallax is widely recognized, the world knows a lot of examples of its implementations. These include holographic displays, large-scale virtual productions, 3D immersive environments, CAVEs. Although these come from different fields and carry different names, they are all based on the same principle.
Mandalorian, BTS


Still building a product that achieves flawless experience is a challenging task, because the high quality implementation of MotionParallax3D is associated with serious сriterias:

  • An accurate real-time tracking system with data extrapolation;
  • Minimal input lag;
  • Stereoscopic separation quality.

Referring to its expertise and experience Antilatency claims to create the best MotionParallax3D display: Illumetry IO, that meets all these requirements.

Antilatenсy tracking system with data extrapolation

Antilatency has already established its expertise in this area by creating the world's smallest 6DOF positional tracker, known as Alt. It is an optical inertial tracker which determines its position relative to an infrared layout that comprises active IR markers placed on the display frame.

The Alt uses a sensor fusion approach for tracking: an inertial measurement unit provides inertial data (2000 measurements per second) with real-time IMU correction based on optical data. Thus, tracking data has low latency due to inertial measurements on one hand, and high accuracy due to information from the optical sensor on the other. Such an approach allows Alt to predict position and orientation of the tracked object. Therefore data extrapolation enables the tracking system to get the user’s future position by the time the image rendering is done.
The Alt weighs less than 11 grams and its dimensions are 16 x 16 x 21 mm, so it is easily integrated into Illumetry IO styluses and stereo glasses.

Illumetry IO stereo glasses use an active shutter 3D technology to create a stereoscopic effect.

The display is presenting the image intended for the left eye, the left lens of the glasses becomes transparent, while the right one is closed and vice versa.

Minimal input lag

Minimal latency is crucial for the accuracy of prediction of the user’s position. As the less time image output takes, the less the timespan we extrapolate positional data for, making it more precise. Illumetry utilizes a custom display controller that has zero buffering to make input lag minimum possible.

Stereoscopic separation quality

For the frame-sequential stereo to work on an LCD, it must be capable of displaying separate alternate images without noticeable crosstalk between them.

Because of a slow pixel response of an LCD panel, ghosting will be visible in the stereoscopic image. To avoid this effect Illumetry IO uses a pixel overdrive technique.

Overdrive accelerates pixel response by applying a higher-than-required pixel state so that the pixel will pass through the target value on its way to the overdriven value exaсtly by the time the backlight flashes.

6DoF stylus

Having a great XR experience involves two critical aspects: having flawless content representation and being fully immersed in the interaction with the content. Illumetry IO has created a high-end, native tool that allows for the easy manipulation of virtual content – the Illumetry stylus.

It was developed from scratch and comes equipped with Alt, which makes it incredibly precise and responsive to even the tiniest movements.

The Illumetry stylus allows users to interact with the content in a variety of familiar and novel ways. For example, it can be used like a mouse cursor in 3D space, or users can employ specialized tools, such as those used by surgeons or dentists, to manipulate the content.

Additionally, the stylus can be positioned very close to the display, allowing users to drag, rotate, and pull objects directly from the screen, resulting in a deeply immersive experience.
Despite its advanced features, the Illumetry stylus is lightweight and comfortable to use for extended periods.

There is no limit for the amount of the trackers in the same reference frame. If required, the device may be equipped with a pair of styluses and additional tracked physical objects depending on the application.

XR class

Multiple Illumetry IOs can be used in the same room at the same time.

Illumetry display and stereo glasses are set together to an individual radio channel and do not interfere with other devices in the same space. The tracker determines its position relative to an infrared layout on the display frame. The IR layout is designed to switсh on in one of the four possible variations, so the traсket сould always distinguish its deviсe from the nearby ones.

This is particularly crucial in scenarios where multiple displays may be necessary, such as in education, for instance. Each student can work with their device, regardless of how many other students are using theirs at the same time.


Illumetry IO is developer-oriented at its core. Developers have access to Illumetry’s SDK for Unity and Unreal Engine.

Native C#/C++ APIs are available as well to integrate Illumetry IO with any other 3D engines.

Illumetry IO supports Linux, Windows and Android OS.


The company defines its mission as shifting the world's perception of XR experiences from a mere entertaining futuristic concept to a common and essential tool for various fields.


MotionParallax3D displays are extremely valuable for education and other fields that involve children. When children use these devices for learning or entertainment, they don't feel disconnected from reality, and they can be fully engaged with the virtual content. Even little kids are not afraid of experiencing three-dimensional content for extended periods, they feel safe and connected to the people around them.

Due to true-to-life representation of the virtual holograms, Illumetry IO creates a "wow" effect that captivates students and transforms learning into an immersive experience, thereby enhancing their attention span and making the educational process more rewarding.

By adopting an immersive approach to data representation, Illumetry helps students to develop their spatial intelligence. Subjects and topics that involve complex systems, such as STEM education, become much easier to comprehend and visualize with the aid of virtual holograms. With Illumetry IO, students can view virtual holograms from various angles and manipulate them in a highly engaging way.


Illumetry IO has potential for the healthcare industry, particularly in the training of students and aspiring physicians. The device enables students to delve into every aspect of the training model, such as the digestive, respiratory, and other human body systems as if they were physically present on the desk, gaining practical experience by simulating medical procedures.

Illumetry IO offers value for hospitals and clinics. It allows patients to view customized virtual holograms that are tailored to their specific medical situation, for instance MRI, providing them with a sense of control and confidence in the treatment process. This approach enhances the hospital's image and adds value to its services.

The feeling of confidence is vital for healthcare professionals as well. The representation of medical simulations as virtual holograms streamlines the processes of diagnosis, treatment, and pre-operative planning, as it provides more data about the object without requiring additional time or resources.
Illumetry IO x VOKA
Illumetry IO has established partnerships with medical software developers such as:

VOKA IO — an ecosystem of MedTech products and solutions for healthcare and medical education. The creators of the world's first normal anatomy and human pathologies 3D catalog with high medical precision.

Syglass — a novel visualization system optimized for virtual reality. Features include large-field volumetric viewing for high-resolution microscopy image stacks, rapid polygon mesh rendering for segmented data, and stunning 4D real-time movie viewing and annotation.
3D lightsheet microscopy of cleared mouse brain, labeled with fluorescent neuronal marker
Content was provided by Syglass


Illumetry IO is to be the supreme tool for 3D artists. The device enhances 3D sculpting, modeling, and other art forms to a new level, allowing artists to perform in three dimensions.

Creative professionals can interact with “raw” materials as if they would be in front of them. It gives a realistic experience and a space for experiments. With Illumetry an artist has an endless number of tries on the way to perfection without spending a fortune on materials. Responsive styluses enable precise micro manipulations, in a way, simulating a brush or sculpting tools.

Illumetry IO is already integrated with Shapelab by Leopoly, an intuitive XR design software providing 3D artists with a wide range of powerful tools to create high-quality models. Thus an opportunity to try sculpting in 3D space is now available.


The value of deploying Illumetry IO in the pipelines of manufacturing companies depends on the specific industry, however, there are a number of undeniable benefits of using the device.
Illumetry IO facilitates the decision-making process by enhancing data representation and makes the approval process more streamlined. With the help of virtual holograms, conceptual ideas are transformed into tangible results that are easier to evaluate.

The device provides opportunities for ergonomics testing by visualizing product concepts on a desk and allowing for interaction in various ways, eliminating the need for time, human resources, equipment, and materials to produce prototypes.

Moreover, Illumetry IO provides a modern workplace for engineers and enables staff training. The tool enables the study of complex technological devices and processes, building and disassembling objects, and taking examination tests as part of the primary education for employees in the enterprise. With full visualization of technological processes and native interactions in 3D space, paired with a highly responsive stylus, Illumetry IO is perfect for staff onboarding and enterprise training.


Illumetry IO is available for order worldwide, and its user base among content developers, creatives, and industries is expanding daily. The company believes that this device will become a game changer in the extended reality field and, finally, flawless implementation of MotionParallax3D principle. The best way to feel the power of this – is to try.

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