for Real Estate


for Real Estate


That’s the most frequent feedback you’ll receive from your clients when showcasing projects with ILLUMETRY EOS.

Incorporating holographic scale models into presentations boosts the sales process, amplifies your brand image, and reduces costs.

ILLUMETRY EOS is the ultimate solution for Sales and Marketing depts, offering an indisputable USP, and ensuring that every one of your projects remains truly outstanding.

Accelerating Deals

The pre-sale process begins even before a sales manager utters a word to a customer.

Clients can independently explore a project through an impressive volumetric hologram scale model.

Saving Time

The holographic scale model contains all project information, including up-to-date prices, apartment designs, and construction statuses.

The decision-making process speeds up significantly, as a 5-minute project demo with ILLUMETRY EOS replaces a 20-minute consultation.

Enhancing the Offer

Customers can explore every detail, from architectural plans to animated elements like playgrounds.

Aerial photography enhances authenticity, creating an immersive sales presentation in extended reality.


Revealing Every Detail

With smooth scaling you can adapt the model's size to your liking: from a whole neighborhood to the interior of a single apartment.
Lift the model's roof to unveil the building's layout with a simple press of the button.

Captivating Animation

Watch any animated scenario spring to life on the model: see people walking and cars moving.

Interactive Control

Easily explore the scene, zoom in on interesting details, and seamlessly switch between different views in real-time — using an iPad or through hand gestures.

Streamlined processes

Achieve synchronization by integrating your CRM system with Illumetry EOS. This ensures that precise and up-to-date pricing and construction statuses are directly displayed on the holographic scale model.

The display is all you need

All your projects could be gathered in one device. You can switch from one project to another within seconds.

Joint experience

A high-performance graphic station allows connecting an additional display. The station broadcasts a virtual scene as seen by the user wearing stereo glasses.

Other benefits

Day and night modes

Handy configuration tools

Real-time pricing updates

Content development

Our in-house content studio will create a project tailored to your specifications. Our team is determined to transform all your concepts into a truly impactful product.

A single content project can be utilized across multiple Illumetry EOS devices in various sales offices.

Showroom on the wheels

You don't have to build a whole sales office for the new project. Just set up a mobile showroom with ILLUMETRY EOS in a cozy meeting room.

With ILLUMETRY EOS, you can show off different projects using just one device, which saves money and space.

Curious to learn more about how ILLUMETRY EOS could benefit your business?