From Sci-Fi Dream to Reality: 65-inch holographic display for an XR experience

ILLUMETRY presents ILLUMETRY EOS - an XR display for professional visual storytelling and presentations.

I, Robot; Iron Man; Star Trek; and, of course, the Star Wars series – what do they have in common, you might ask? The mind-blowing and enticing concept of holographic and XR technologies is the answer. Now, a hardware company from planet Earth named Illumetry has unveiled a real product that appears to surpass even the most imaginative sci-fi concepts.

About the product

The ILLUMETRY EOS is the new product in the company's lineup of holographic displays, built upon the MotionParallax3D principle. It features a 65-inch diagonal display that showcases virtual objects as volumetric holograms, viewable from any angle. The company refers to these as holographic scale models.

What are «holographic scale models»

Most people are familiar with traditional scale models – three-dimensional depictions of structures that accurately mirror their design, proportions, and features on a smaller scale. The term 'scale' denotes the ratio between the model's dimensions and those of the actual object. Holographic scale models, however, share similarities with physical ones but exist within a virtual 3D space.
For instance, the Starkiller hologram in The Force Awakens serves as a holographic scale model of the actual Starkiller structure.

How does it work

ILLUMETRY EOS technology is based on the MotionParallax3D principle. This creates an illusion of volumetric objects on a flat surface that appear three-dimensional from any angle. The stable illusion of a virtual hologram is achieved by continually updating the projection according to the user's point of view.
The device features a proprietary tracking system. Four cameras deliver tracking precision in the millimeter range. A user wears ILLUMETRY’s stereo glasses that the system precisely tracks to determine the user’s position in the space. The tracking system provides angular coverage above 170 degrees.
A user interacts with the content naturally with their hands or with an Ipad, one can zoom, rotate, and change content on the device with slight movements.


ILLUMETRY EOS was created with the intention of revolutionizing visual storytelling by elevating it to new heights. The device's features, capabilities, and dimensions collectively aim to leave an indelible impression within minutes of use. ILLUMETRY EOS doesn't require a darkened room, unlike projection technologies, making it suitable for spaces with standard lighting, like sales offices, exhibition floors, galleries, and museums.

The device proves useful in exhibitions and various professional events where presentation quality is paramount. Any information presented as virtual holograms or holographic models can captivate attention, creating an unforgettable 'wow' effect. All projects could be gathered in one device, which eliminates the need for building a huge stand on the exhibition floor. Moreover, ILLUMETRY EOS is easy to set up and transfer, and the installation time is approximately 15 minutes.
Holographic scale models have the potential to redefine how works of art and culture are displayed. ILLUMETRY EOS allows for thorough exploration from all angles, while the virtual hologram effect remains consistently stable. Its high level of detail enables a comprehensive representation of the object, replicating a physical presentation.

ILLUMETRY EOS is a game-changer in the real estate sector. Incorporating holographic scale models into presentations enhances sales, bolsters the brand's image, and streamlines costs. The exceptional level of detail permits users to explore every small corner of the holographic scale model. The content displayed on the ILLUMETRY EOS is tailored to meet each project’s specific needs and requirements. This customization even extends to transforming the project into a real-life simulator, animating every object within.

The device is developer-friendly and supports the most common 3D engines, including Unity3D. The company also reports that the integration with other 3D engines is possible via the company's API and SDK

Where to try

ILLUMETRY EOS is already on the market and available worldwide. You can try it in the company’s showroom in Dubai and Guangzhou or book an online demo via the site.

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