ILLUMETRY EOS: high-class holographic presentations for premium real estate

An innovative hardware company ILLUMETRY has unveiled ILLUMETRY EOS, an XR display that transforms real estate sales presentations into immersive experiences.


The real estate market continues to face challenges such as high mortgage rates, soaring home prices, and limited housing inventory, contributing to the ongoing housing affordability crisis.

However, a recent report from Mordor Intelligence predicts that the global luxury real estate market will register a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of more than 2% each year over the next five years. New players are to appear on the market, and the existing companies raise their presence, creating a highly competitive environment.

Given the current economic challenges and the intensely competitive market, the real estate sector must enhance its performance. According to McKinsey's research, incorporating technologies into operational pipelines stands out as one of the most impactful ways to boost productivity.

According to Forbes Global Properties' analysis, luxury markets are more resistant to rising inflation than the broader housing market. Affluent buyers in these markets are also less affected by concerns about affordability and interest rates, which significantly impact housing markets worldwide. This resilience empowers the luxury sector to adopt innovation, allocate resources for growth, and improve performance.

Illumetry is launching EOS

Illumetry, a company with a strong background in immersive virtual reality experiences, launched an innovative product for the real estate industry – Illumetry EOS. A 65-inch XR display showcases virtual objects as volumetric holograms, viewable from any angle. The company refers to these as holographic scale models.

What are «holographic scale models»

Most people are familiar with traditional scale models – three-dimensional depictions of structures, for instance, buildings and accommodations, that accurately mirror their design, proportions, and features on a smaller scale. The term 'scale' denotes the ratio between the model's dimensions and those of the actual object. Holographic scale models, however, share similarities with physical ones but exist within a virtual 3D space.

What makes ILLUMETRY EOS so special?

It was designed with a deep understanding of the real estate operator’s needs and the requirements of the highly competitive market. So, each feature of Illumetry EOS aims to enhance every step of the usual real estate sales and marketing pipelines.

Introducing projects to clients

All the company’s projects could be stored on one device. A sales manager can easily switch between projects within several seconds, demonstrating a variety of options in the blink of an eye.
Moreover, the pre-sale process begins even before a sales manager speaks to a customer. Clients can independently explore a project through an impressive volumetric hologram scale model.

Engaging a client

From the initial sales interaction, clients are treated to an unparalleled experience distinct from traditional sales presentations. The virtual hologram allows potential clients to examine every tiny corner of the future building. The project could become a lifelike simulator as every object, even a little kid on the playground, could be animated.
A client can interact with the content naturally with their hands, zooming, rotating, and changing content on the device with slight movements. Even when fully immersed in the virtual experience, clients can maintain contact with the sales manager and the people around them, as XR experiences do not disconnect users from reality.

Convincing a client

Customers can explore every detail, from architectural plans to animated elements like playgrounds. Aerial photography enhances authenticity, creating an immersive sales presentation in extended reality.
The decision-making process speeds up significantly, as a 5-minute project demo with Illumetry EOS replaces a 20-minute consultation.

Securing a client

Premium segment clients expect immediate access to accurate information regarding their investments. Integrating the CRM system with Illumetry EOS ensures that precise and up-to-date pricing, apartment designs, and construction statuses are displayed directly on the holographic scale model.

The secret sauce

ILLUMETRY EOS stands out as a potent and versatile marketing tool. It holds the potential to seamlessly integrate into your business strategy, serving as a dynamic extension of reality or as an efficient tool for rapid product demonstrations. With ILLUMETRY EOS, your marketing capabilities expand, enabling the presentation of all your projects through a single device. This mobility allows you to showcase incredible scale models of your projects at exhibitions, meetups, and events where your target audience congregates. Moreover, the XR display captivates the attention of passersby, making it an undeniable focal point. ILLUMETRY EOS naturally draws everyone in the room, enhancing client acquisition and establishing a powerful initial engagement point. All projects could be stored on one device, which eliminates the need for building a huge stand on the exhibition floor.

To sum it up

The innovative approach to usual workflows allows companies to stand out and win a larger market share. The pressure to innovate comes from all parts of the value chain: users demand it, regulators are expecting it, investors are rewarding it, operators need it, and property managers and brokers depend on it.

In a highly competitive and dynamic market, every human-oriented company has to seek more process agility to help boost efficiency and capture a client’s interest from first sight. The project presentation is the most essential part of a real estate sale, as company-customer communication plays a significant role in closing deals. With Illumetry EOS, real estate players can stand out and gain innovative ways to create a unique impression that undoubtedly leads to increasing sales and boosting the company’s image.

Illumetry EOS is already on the market and available worldwide. You can try it in the company’s showroom in Dubai and Guangzhou or book an online demo via the site.

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