Illumetry Office and Showroom in Dubai

We're excited to announce our new office and showroom in the One by Omniyat tower in Business Bay, Dubai. This strategic location enables us to better connect with our clients and partners, serving as our gateway to the entire Middle East region.
📍 Location:
Dubai, Business Bay
1601D, 16th floor, One by Omniyat tower
🅿️ Guest parking available
Visit us to explore our devices, Illumetry EOS and Illumetry IO, and see how our XR holographic solutions are revolutionizing real estate presentations and education across the region.

Illumetry EOS is a hologram table tailored for the real estate industry, offering a cutting-edge XR solution for real estate presentations. With stunningly realistic holographic models, potential buyers can explore properties, understanding layouts and features as if they were physically present. This device is setting a new standard for property showcases and client engagement.

Illumetry IO is our advanced XR holographic display designed for immersive educational experiences. It allows students to interact with holographic models and animations in a way that enhances understanding and retention. Perfect for classrooms and training centers, Illumetry IO is transforming how we learn and teach.

Our new office not only serves as our regional headquarters but also features a showroom where you can experience our products firsthand.

Join us in the heart of Dubai's bustling financial district and discover the endless possibilities with Illumetry.
We look forward to welcoming you to our new office and showroom!

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