Our Technology
Illumetry IO introduces a new holographic display for extended reality like no other.
From education to entertainment, XR revolutionizes the world’s largest industries and we help this transformation with our solution.

There are different cues that our brains use to perceive depth

While regular stereo displays rely only on stereopsis only to create depth perception, Illumetry IO displays also utilize motion parallax to create a perfectly realistic effect.
The MotionParallax3D technology allows viewing virtual objects from all angles and creates a truly holographic effect for the viewer.
  • Motion Parallax

    The viewer’s movements are tracked by the

    system and this tracking data is then used

    to update the image of a virtual object

    depending on the viewing angle.

  • Binocular Vision
    Active shutter glasses present stereoscopic images alternately to each eye.
Milliseconds Matter
Our engineers have designed the display system from scratch and developed every single PCB board in the device to eliminate any lags in displaying virtual content. Thus we control every pixel to create the most-responsive holographic display.
  • Instant tracking of viewer's position
    Illumetry IO uses an Antilatency tracking system to track the stereo glasses. Antilatency tracking ensures millimeter accuracy and speed at 2000 measurements per second.
  • Low-latency radio protocol
    The proprietary radio protocol for transferring the tracking data from the glasses to the host provides a data delivery time below 2 ms.
  • Video processing boards without buffering
    The high-speed video processing boards designed in-house can output the data from the GPU directly to the screen without buffering.
  • Extrapolation of positional data
    Although image lag is an intrinsic attribute of any display system, our algorithms extrapolate the positional data and compensate for the whole system’s latency.
Unlimited Interaction
Illumetry IO allows to explore the virtual content and interact with it in a 3D space in a natural way. The display comes with a stylus that has a tracker to capture even barely perceptible movements.

The user can use several styluses simultaneously. The system has no restrictions on the number of tracked targets because each tracker is guided by the markers independently of other trackers.
Software Development Kit
Developers have access to our SDK, with plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine. Native C#/C++ APIs are available as well to integrate Illumetry IO with other 3D-engines.