The modern solution for K-12 classrooms

Illumetry IO provides children with a safe and immersive XR experience that keep them engaged and connected to their surroundings.

Illumetry IO creates a "wow" effect that captivates students and transforms learning into an immersive experience, enhancing the attention span and making the educational process more rewarding.

Illumetry IO

Perfect XR technology for education
Students can examine their 3D models in holographic format
No isolation of a student from a speaker
Workstation for performing standard computer class tasks
Lightweight glasses
No VR dizziness and motion sickness
Pairs with regular glasses and contact lenses

2-in-1 solution for classrooms

Equip Illumetry IO with a powerful PC to explore virtual content in every detail and work with a resource-intensive software

Rich content library of STEM models

Explore a library of over 500 STEM models
Access a wide range of STEM Labs and Simulations with XreadyLab

3D and CAD Model Viewer

Students can upload and view CAD models in the form of a virtual hologram. Supported CAD file formats:

Virtual Prototyping

Upgrade your virtual prototyping pipeline – examine and find a collision of the 3D model before sending to a 3D printer

Platform for user-generated content

Illumetry educational platform offers more than just a library of ready-made content.
With Illumetry IO, you'll have access to a range of tools that allow both students and teachers to create their own custom content.
Create interactive scenes using your own 3D models and Scratch-like visual programming with Varwin Education
Learn how to develop interactive applications using Unity
Build and develop your own augmented worlds, customizable avatars, and self-authored digital experiences with Stage by VISR

Creativity pack

The device takes 3D sculpting, modeling, and other art forms to a new level, allowing users to work in three dimensions. It gives a realistic experience and provides space for experiments.
Illumetry IO offers great benefits not only for studying natural sciences but also for unleashing students' creative potential.
Explore XR sculpting in 3D space with Shapelab by Leopoly
Build compound 3D models with Illumetry 3D Pixel art application


Have fun and play XR games on Illumetry IO display to dive into an immersive experience on Illumetry 3D Holographic display.