About Us

Illumetry is a brand of XR technology developed by Antilatency Ltd - a team of professionals who envision the future of extended reality without glasses.

Since its official founding in 2016, Antilatency was involved in a variety of XR projects ranging from education to entertainment, and grew a strong expertise in XR hardware development.

Today, our proprietary technology includes a 3D visualization system and a low-latency positional tracking system that together create extended reality which is true to life and can be comfortably enjoyed by anyone.
Quick Facts
  • Team of 100 people with offices in Cyprus, UAE and China
  • Member of ViveX Global accelerator program in 2017
  • Mentioned as one of the "Best VR hardware E3 2017" by UploadVR media
  • Patented own 3D visualization system and tracking system
  • Made the largest in the world VR installation for Mercedes Benz (China) with Noitom and Xiaomi
  • Shipped more than 10k Antilatency trackers to 60 countries